Historical Perspective of Rainwater Harvesting Systems


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Rainwater harvesting methods are used since centuries. Around the world relics of such systems can be found. Maybe you have some close by or saw some during your holiday? You can add your impressions to our Rainwater Harvesting Timeline.

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I was in the south of France during last summer and saw an ancient Roman aqueduct. I found on Wikipedia that it is called Pont du Gard. It was used to bring water to the city of Nimes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pont_du_Gard



Hello Earthworm,
thanks for your contribution. We will update the timeline in one or two weeks as we hope for more pictures. If you send us pictures you shot on your own then we would need your name as we would put a license under the picture. So everybody who would reuse it would have to name you as the photographer.

However, with wikipedia link we do not need you personal data.

Thanks again and stay tuned on ruvival.