Rural Energy Systems Literature Review

We have just published our latest working paper ‘Energy Access for Sustainable Rural Development: Literature Review on Distributed Renewable Energy for Rural Electrification in Africa’!

Now we need you to develop these working papers even further, before we publish them in our publication series:
This paper will be published in Volume 4 in the first half of 2019.

You can be part of the editorial process by sending us feedback, recommendations and further ideas or literature suggestions. Please always name the page number and line number, so that the authors can easily address your points.

All suggestions posted until the 31st of December 2018 can be considered.

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Find the working paper here:

We are looking forward to your feedback.

Very good paper, I hope my feedback can help!

SanchezFernandez_OscarEmilio_RuralEnergySystemsReview.pdf (235.6 KB)

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It´s great that this important topic is now included in Ruvival! In the attached document, I´m giving some suggestions for further improvement of the literature review. I hope it is helpful!

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Feedback Rural Energy Systems Review.pdf (222.2 KB)

This paper that I had the pleasure to review covered a large area of topics and allowed me to expand my knowledge on Rural Energy systems. Please find enclosed my review with some suggestions of issues that could also be discussed and included into the paper to have a more comprehensive view of the topic.
Hoping that it will be helpful,Review Paper - Rural Energy Systems.pdf (671.0 KB)

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