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RUVIVAL Community is a place of knowledge exchange, collaborative thinking and networking. Experts can consult future experts, e-learning material can be shared and further developed and shared again.

RUVIVAL Community

The forum is named after you: RUVIVAL Community! It is dedicated to all people who are interested in reviving the rural, who participated in our :arrow_upper_right:Simulation Game, our lectures at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), :arrow_upper_right:created e-learning contents for RUVIVAL or :arrow_upper_right:worked together with us. You, dear reader can join us - even if you are new here! You can share your ideas, knowledge and experiences. You can connect to others online, create new e-learning material or ask for consultation of your project. This is your chance to take active part - and it matters to us. The more people we get engaged in sustainable rural development, the more we can achieve! Let us revive the rural together!

Categories of the Forum

The forum is divided into several parts, so-called categories. We will start the discussion in one category and will release further categories in the upcoming weeks.

The first category to discuss is called Add Material. Here you can add your ideas or pictures to existing RUVIVAL material. Your additions will be published in our :arrow_upper_right:Toolbox.

We invite you to discuss and further develop the Rainwater Harvesting Toolbox with us. We will collect your ideas, pictures and experience to extend the contents. You can be part of this interconnected and synergetic knowledge production.

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